Lipo Freeze

          Lipo Freeze

          Liposuction is a well known procedure which helps eliminate fat in the body. It does this by cutting open the patient and physically extracting the fat from the body. This method o fat reduction has been popular for years, but besides liposuction there is another kind of lipo treatment around. You can lipo freeze the fat in your body.

          Lipo freeze, also known as coolsculpting, is a procedure to remove fat from your body, however unlike its sister procedure liposuction, lipo freeze is a non-invasive procedure. Lipo freezeā€™s main goal is to, as the name implies, freeze fat lipids. By using a special machine, they can freeze the fat cells in your body, and then once frozen, the cells will die and naturally be removed from your body.

          The procedure lasts only one hour, and is relatively painless. The only pain experienced is in the first few minutes of the treatment since there is no novacane or anesthesia. After those first couple minute the process is completely painless. Once the lipo freeze procedure is over sometimes you can instantly see results and sometimes you have to wait to see them. Typically you will not see any results until a month later, once the fat lipids have finished breaking down and are cleansed from your body.

          Having lipo freeze treatment works fabulously. It is easy, fairly quick, and effortless. From all that lack of effort you will still lose about 25% of your body fat. Liposuction may be an immediate treatment, but for better a result that is a lot less painful lipo freeze is a better choice.

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