Freeze Fat Removal

          Freeze Fat Removal

          Do you work out and diet, but yet are still overweight? Those love handles and other unwanted rolls just will not go away no matter how hard you try? If so than you are probably a sufferer for stubborn fat. That is fat cells that just will not go away no matter how much you wish it would. There is a treatment out there for stubborn fat, a process called coolsculpting.

          Coolsculpting is a way to freeze that stubborn fat and have it removed easily and naturally. By freezing the lipids in your body you kill them, causing them to break down and then pass out of your body via help from the metabolism. This process of freezing fat is all natural, since the fat cells typically will die anyways, but this way after being frozen all the rest of the process is just your body going through its natural motions of caring for your body.

          The removal process, although all natural, takes a long time. The time frame is because your body has to naturally thaw out the dead cells, break them down, and then remove those cells from your body. Coolsculpting removes about 25% of your total body fat, so where you may see some results right away, the majority of the fat will not be disposed of until a couple months after the coolsculpting process.

          So does freezing your fat to get it to be removed a good thing or a bad thing? It is a good thing because with it being effortless and effective how could you go wrong. No recovery time after the process either, so there is no reason to hesitate on it.


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